I know how to ride a bike, i’ve been riding for 30 years……why would i need instruction?

Because you want to feel like a winner. You’ve been stagnant in your riding for years. All of this new bike technology is way too much to sort through… Magpie can help. We have been living and breathing MTB since the 1980’s…..

We know what riding for 30 years means. We learned the same way you did. The crashes, the excuses, the uncomfortable equipment, the social stigma of our user group……and the constant corrections our bodies learn in order to deal with being out of balance.

Magpie Cycling has the certified staff with the coaching skills to break down the barriers to entry so many new riders feel… Magpie will help inspire confidence in whatever skills you already have, while offering progressions that are realistic for you as an individual. Call or Book now in order to secure your next MTB progression lesson!